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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Study Program of ITK is studies process engineering to process raw materials into a more commercially valuable product by utilizing chemical processes, such as chemical/biochemical reactions as well as changes in physical and chemical properties under certain operating conditions. During lectures, Chemical Engineering Study Program students are educated to be able to plan and design process tools, operate, control and maintain processes, construct the establishment of a factory (within certain limits), conduct research and process development, even plan and manage sales and service.

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Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Chemical Engineering study program

Process Technology

Process Technology is emphasized on mastery of knowledge and technology related to process design, process optimization, scale up, product development by considering process safety and risk assessment.

Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Chemical Engineering study program

Message from student

I still remember clearly when my lecturer said "...Try to get lost on the right path". It's funny, because I thought this study program would be a lot of learning and struggling in a very boring world for some people, namely "Chemistry". But apparently I was wrong, as long as I studied in this study program, being good at Chemistry alone is not a sufficient capital to plunge directly into the world of Chemical Engineering. There are so many subjects that are very foreign to me and even very difficult if explained by Google.  Difficult? In this world to achieve what dreams are not difficult, but isn't every difficulty there is ease.  Likewise in Chemical Engineering, there are so many conveniences offered, supported by competent lecturers and a fun and enjoyable learning environment, it feels like 4 years of college just passed by.  There are so many memories that feel very imprinted in the deepest part of my heart. Studying in the Chemical Engineering study program is one experience that will never be forgotten. As a study program that produces quality engineers, this study program has given me a lot of insight, knowledge and provisions that are strong enough to go directly to the Indonesian industrial world. Just imagine that a Chemical Engineering graduate can be placed in various fields and industrial lines. Oil and Gas Industry, Mining, Analyst Services, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical and many more. Of course, this gives me enough benefits, especially in exploring the career world. Not only that, the Chemical Engineering study program also supports the development of character, interests and talents of students so that they not only become someone who has academic capital but also has the skills and mentality that can compete with large campus campuses throughout Indonesia. And in the end I got lost on the right path, that's how Chemical Engineering seems to me.

Fresh Graduate Development Program - PT Fajar Anugerah Dinamika

As the first alumni of Chemical Engineering Study Program of ITK, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to study at this  Bumi Etam campus. A comfortable learning atmosphere that makes me feel at home and excited to study on campus. In addition, competent teaching lecturers helped me to deepen my knowledge, especially in the field of energy and heat transfer. Alhamdulillah, armed with this, now I have a career in the energy conversion sector. Best wishes for PSTK ITK.

Chemical Senior Foreman, PT. DSSP Power Kalimantan Tengah

It's an honor to be part of the big family of the Chemical Engineering Study Program, Institut Teknologi Kalimantan. "New doesn't mean not advancing", but from that limitation, we students and lecturers work together to create a competitive environment that is very family-friendly. While on campus, I learned a lot of soft skills and hard skills to help me work as civil sevant in the field of metrology. Hopefully in the future Chemical Engineering can continue to produce the best graduates to advance the Bumi Etam.  

Good Quality Control, Department of Commerce and Industry, Province of Kalimantan Timur

As the second batch of the Chemical Engineering study program, I was challenged to face obstacles such as some facilities that were still inadequate for my Final Project activities. However, this has enabled me to have an analytical and creative mindset in dealing with these situations, which is a very useful mindset in the career world. In addition, even though at that time the age of the chemical engineering study program was still very young, the lecturers of the chemical engineering study program were very proactive in the teaching process, sharing knowledge, and discussing with students which really helped students in forming hard skills and soft skills. So from the soft skills and hard skills I got during college, I was able to compete in the career world. The most important thing is the willingness of yourself to want to learn and develop yourself.

Biodiesel Supervisor, PT. Kutai Refinery Nusantara

I am proud to be able to earn a bachelor degree in chemical engineering from itk. It's a great place to study chemical engineering from the very basic theory to practice in order to prepare future careers. It is worth to invest your time to study here because department of chemical engineering itk has not only an updated curriculum, competent and professional young lecturers but also high support for increasing student achievement.

Master Student, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Studying in Chemical Engineering made me motivated to study well. Being surrounded by great lecturers, fellow study programs and seniors who I can emulate, makes me proud to be in Chemical Engineering. Existing facilities are also good enough to support existing lectures. All the experiences and lessons I got during college were enough to equip me for a work environment. Chemical Engineering is also broad, so it can be applied to many fields of work, as I currently work in the factory reliability department

Reliability Analyst, PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur

Being part of the Chemical Engineering alumni iof ITK is a pride for me. The First State Institute in Kalimantan which has comfortable teaching and learning facilities. In my opinion, the chemical engineering study program teaches various broad fields of knowledge. Therefore, it is very important in determining Elective Courses according to the student's field of interest. Chemical Engineering ITK has a variety of elective courses that can meet the needs of its students. I chose the Oil and Gas Elective Course which Alhamdulillah is in accordance with my current field of interest and career. Continued success in ITK Chemical Engineering!

Support Staff - SKK Migas Kalimantan and Sulawesi of Representative

When I asked where I went to college, I proudly answered the Kalimantan Institute of Technology.which is one of the 4 state technology institutes in Indonesia. Then when asked what department or study program I answered, namely Chemical Engineering. People's eyes when they hear the word "chemistry" immediately lead to laboratory activities. In fact, chemical engineering does not dwell in the laboratory but rather leads to a wider scope such as process control, process safety, etc. This has really helped me in supporting my career. What's more, at ITK Chemical Engineering, we are taught and guided by young and competent lecturers. This has been proven in the few years since the Chemical Engineering study program was established that it has received B accreditation. So I am very proud to be part of the ITK Chemical Engineering family.

Specialist Trainee Palm Oil Mill, Wilmar International Plantation

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